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Wholesale Designer Handbags

Posted on May 9, 2021 by Renato Shaak

It's stated, to be successful in selling, you must be passionate about what you sell. This is simple if you love designer handbags and fashion. Fashion is a massive industry. Wholesale designer handbags and fashion can be fast becoming a huge and profitable industry.

However, as good as it seems, there are lots of things to know before you jump in and become a designer handbag wholesaler.

The main issue you have to understand is the production and distribution channels of the best designers. The creation of designer handbags is almost a top-secret occasion. Together with the heavy competition between the designers to offer you the newest and hottest styles for the coming season, handbag makers keep quite about their production runs, the amount they'll create and orders must be placed two or three seasons beforehand simply to get any item. What does this mean to you, the wholesaler? It means that you can't call up GUCCI or Hermes and request a few hundred bags and expect not to get laughed at (in Italian of French of course). Additionally, it suggests that the best designer handbag manufacturers only provide their product to large retailers, small boutiques and possibly a site with an exclusive contract.

So where do all of the handbags that you see for sale online come from? Well, that's the trick to getting into the wholesale designer handbag company. The majority of the bags come from accidental or deliberate overstock from the small to medium size boutiques manages. They'll sell off their excess of last year's handbags to vendors who will sell them to wholesalers. It's your wish to obtain these distributors.

To find reliable, honest dealers who distribute authentic merchandise is catchy. There are a few points to take into account.

- Most dealers which sell designers from Italy, France and England aren't found in america. It only makes sense. They have to have a close relationship with the boutiques, and very seldom the producers themselves, that provide them with their overstock. Become familiar with what nation the handbags that you want to sell were initially produced.

- Learn the language. You'll have to learn a little French or Italian. Just enough to understand colours, shapes and styles of the handbags when you're awarded an inventory list. It would also be great to know enough to say hello and what your intentions are when initially contacting the trader. Learning the language is also very helpful when conducting searches online. Do not restrict your search to pages here in the united states, search Google and yahoo in French and Italian as well.

- Contact as many traders as possible. This will help to confirm that which ones are honest and are interested in a business relationship. As soon as you've gotten the inventory/price list from many dealers, cross reverence them. Are the costs similar? Are the quantities available reasonable? This is important to gage whether the trader is selling real merchandise. If he's 600 of a specific bag, chances are they aren't real. It's not reasonable, given the way he probably purchases his inventory and the manufacturing methods of the production, he would have a lot of one style.

- Know all terms of sale before placing an order. It's not unusual that the trader will need a deposit on your purchase. You will often commit 30% up front and pay the rest once the items have shipped. Many traders will only accept bank transfers. This is where getting a designer handbag wholesaler takes a lot of faith. A bank transfer provides no protection from the dealer taking your money and never shipping merchandise. If he had been dishonest and took the funds, but sent nothing, you might have very little recourse. Unlike a money order or credit card purchase, there's absolutely no 3rd party protection. At the least, be certain to have the traders phone number, complete business address and email address.

Needless to say, like with all startup company, you will find many, many more things to take into account. But to make your hunt for the perfect supplier easier, we highly suggest going to ModaImports.com. Unlike the many directories and lists that claim to offer true sources for authentic designer purses, ModaImports.com has employed, or contacted, all the resources in their Supplier Database.

In case you've got a passion for style and are trying to start your own profitable business, wholesale authentic designer purses is a excellent business opportunity.